My second Stitch Fix was more of a bust for me. All of the items were definitely my style. I loved them. But, I requested grey tops to pair with a pair of ankle length, scalloped hemmed JCrew pants and my black leather moto jacket to wear for a particular function. My stylist must have mis-read my request because she sent me skinny red pants and a black denim moto jacket. Doh.
Let's start with the tops:

I think this is an absolutely GORGEOUS top. I love the strappiness (is that a word?), the pale shade. Unfortunately, it just didn't look good on me. When paired with my moto jacket, it was pretty darn cute. However, on it's own, it did nothing for me. I was afraid if I kept it, I would never wear it if I could only wear it with my moto jacket. 
see? super cute! 
without the jacket? not so much. my chest is just of a size that flowy isn't great on me!

I was fairly certain I wasn't going to like this top. It looks cute in the picture. But, again, because I am not a tiny person, the gathered portion just looked funny on me. It hit my waist in an unflattering way, creating a look that made my stomach look larger.
see what I mean? just awkward.

I actually really liked the necklace a lot, but if I wasn't keeping the whole box, I couldn't justify the extra necklace. I had found another one from Noonday to wear to the event, and I wasn't sure I would wear this one very often.
The moto jacket. I actually loved the jacket. The fabric was wonderful. It felt nice. The fit was great. But, because I already HAVE a black moto jacket, I couldn't justify two!
here it is paired with the necklace, gathered grey top and the pants. And it is fabulous! I was actually sad to send it back. (repeat to myself: I don't need two moto jackets.) Looking at this here, I wish I had kept that shirt too. But then I remember the way it looked from the side. Never mind. lol.
The last item in my Fix. I received a pair of Cosmic Blue Love jeans in my first fix and LOVED them to pieces. The fit was so perfect. At first when I opened my box, I thought, I do NOT need two pair of red pants. But, I tried these on and fell in love with them. The fit like a glove. They are so comfortable. They are casual in contrast to my JCrew pants. I decided to keep them. And, you know what? I've worn them a number of times already! (I'm actually wearing them now.) So that is definitely a win! I just wished I had loved all of the rest of the box on me. They were definitely cute items!