hi! and welcome to my blog. just a little bit about me... I am an almost 40 year old mom of 3. I'm married to my high school (sorta) sweetheart. We have lived all over the country and are currently on the west coast. I love Jesus, laughing, spending time with people I love, feeding people, working out (though I know I don't look like I do!), reading, scrapbooking, clothes, Starbucks mugs and bulletproof coffee. I am passionate about health and wellness. I am HIGHLY introverted. Our current life situation forces me to people a lot more than I typically like, but I love people very much. I am passionate about kindness. I make eye contact with people a priority - whether it is my kids, my spouse, my girlfriends or the random cashier at the grocery store... To me it says - hey. I see you. We are equal in value.

What can you expect from this blog? Maybe some ramblings. Maybe some scrapbook/ project life kind of stuff. Sorry, I don't really DIY outside of papercrafting. Some book reviews and maybe some of what I wear. I may post a lot. It may be sporadic. I hope you'll stick around!