I'm totally skipping ahead here, and going to Stitch #4. I'll get back to #3 when I take photos wearing it. lol. In Stitch 3, I was given a new stylist. She did an okay job. I kept the items, but they didn't all feel "me." For Stitch 4, I requested my original stylist. Bam. Laura did it again! Laura, I'm sure you don't read this, but you killed it. I kept all 5. I tried on all of my tops with a pair of white Old Navy Rockstar sculpt jeans, a pair of wedges I've had for an eternity and a necklace from Noonday.
So... When I saw this top, I thought ehhhh. I pulled it out of the box, and it was rib knit. I thought NO WAY. But it was so soft; and when I put it on, it was love. lol. Super comfortable. I probably could have gone down a size in this one, but decided to stick with the large. It is never something I would have chosen on my own, but it's a new favorite.

I love the look of these shorts and had a very similar pair pinned on my Pinterest board. They were just a little too short on me. My pale, have been covered all winter thighs were eating the shorts. It's just not a look I wanted to subjugate anyone else to! I was able to sell these on Stitch Fix buy/ sell board almost immediately.

I had this top pinned on my Pinterest board. And I loved it just as much in person as I did in the picture. I've worn it a couple of times and received a LOT of compliments evert time. This top is such a pretty Kelly green!

I had a similar top pinned. I wasn't over the moon about this one, but thought it was really cute on. It will fill in my "not really dressy, but nicer than tee shirt" needs. And it does look super cute with white jeans!

So I had pinned this top. I was in love every time I  saw it pop up on the sell board. SO DANG CUTE. So, I was SUUUUUPER excited to have it in my fix. Another one I've worn and received compliments on every time. If you get the chance, I say - get it. You can't see it in the product image, but it has a fabulous crisscross on the back. 

I've requested an all casual tops Fix in June; so I can't wait to see what Laura has in store for me next!