My Trendsend posts will come close to each other. I just received my 2nd box this week. I decided to try it in May, at the recommendation of one of my good friends. the stylist totally got me. like completely. they send 3 full outfits. the downside is that there isn't a discount for keeping it all. (ahem, evereve, if you're reading this - that would be a great perk and incentive!)

I absolutely love this outfit. It's very "me." The kimono is very soft and flowy. The jeans are SO comfortable, as is the Z Supply shirt. This was a major win for me. This was the 1st time I had tried Kut jeans; I think I may be in love. They fit me so well. It's paired with a necklace from 
Noonday and sandals from Bed Stu.



another outfit that was totally me. I have a black leather moto jacket & thought - I don't need another moto jacket. But, this one is lightweight and summer perfect. I've found myself wearing it a lot and getting a lot of  compliments on it.! I love camo everything & love this tee. The Agolde jeans are actually an ankle length on me. I'm 5' 4" and finding ankle pants that are actually ankle on me is challenging!


I can't find this on the website to link it; so I don't know if it was just something that was in the store where my order came from.. I liked the color of this top. It was a delicious shade of orchid, but it was just not a good fit on my chest. When I moved or sat down, it completely gaped open. 

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