Fix #6

For Fix 6, I got my regular stylist back. Yay! I asked for a casual top Fix. She sent all items from my Pinterest, though slightly different colors. It was a 5/5 box for me. I took 0 photos trying on. :| 

Z Supply
Coopie Knit Pocket Tee
This shirt is super soft and flowy. As always, Z Supply runs larger. I could have sized down, but there weren't any smaller sizes available for exchange.

Pink Clover
Tacita Back Detail Knit Top
This top has a super cute button down back. And - also super soft

Jonesman One Shoulder Knit Top
I had this one pinned in an olive green (which is basically my FAVORITE right now.) Though this blue is a lovely color. Another very soft top. I exchanged this one for a size down.

Harpere Denim Jacket
I had this one pinned in a light olive green. (sensing a theme here?) I was really excited to see this in my box. I had been eyeing this jacket for awhile. It is super stretchy and comfortable. I also sized down in this one.

Magdala Cross Neckline Top
I had a similar American Able top pinned. I love this style for layering. The detail is adorable.