Hello Again

Wow. It has been a long time. Like a long time. Life got in the way. A culmination of things: my husband's job that requires a lot from me, we had a surprise grandbaby, and I was working as a stylist for Stitch Fix. (*spoiler alert* I'm not working for them anymore. Our family is moving from the Sacramento/ Bay Area to the East Coast, and I won't live close enough to a styling hub anymore.) Anyway. ALL of that to say that the past year has been a crazy whirlwind of basically EVERYTHING. But, as my time as the squadron commander's wife runs down, and I am no longer working, I am looking forward to trying to restart this thing, read more books, spend some time scrapbooking (it's been over a year!) and maybe start some more fashion pursuits! So, here's to starting.... halfway through 2019. Ha!!!! 
(me & my best guy on a day trip to Napa last fall)