Verity: What I Read, January 2019

Colleen Hoover
4 Stars

Lowen is a struggling author. She has been caring for her recently deceased mother. When she is called for a meeting with a publisher in New York, she is broke and about to be evicted from her apartment. She is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. One of her favorite authors, Verity Crawford, is very ill and cannot complete her book series. They would like Lowen to finish it. She arrives at their home with the intention of reading Verity's notes on her books and unexpectedly finds Verity's unfinished autobiography hidden away. She is sucked into it, and the psychological twists and turns start to happen.
There was a lot of hype on Goodreads and Instagram surrounding this one. I have read a couple of Colleen Hoover's romance novels and enjoyed them, and I LOVE a good psychological thriller. I decided I needed to read this one. While this is a thriller, know there is still bits of her romance novelist side in here. I feel like that should be a warning to some readers who may feel uncomfortable with those scenes. That being said, this book was so full of twists and turns. I really don't think I can write a review without giving away the story for those that haven't read it. But, DANG! That ending. (see now you need to go read it to find out.) I do read a lot of thrillers. I did not find the book to be particularly scary as some other readers did. However,  the story is twisty and turn-y and keeps you guessing throughout. It was a fast read. You just wanted to see what was going to happen.