Trendsend #12

It was one of my favorite days this week. For this Trendsend, I asked my stylist to send me some pieces with color for fall. I clearly love black, white, grey, olive, and tan and will choose those colors all day long. She did a great job mixing some of my "comfort colors" with some extra color.  She usually sends a couple of tops per bottoms for mixing and matching. Let's dig into it!

Look One:
The print of these jeans is SPOT ON. And I am a huge fan of Kut From The Kloth. Unfortunately, the buttons up the front just were not good on me. The waist was a little loose at the top; so if I were to size up to accommodate my hips and thighs, I'm afraid the waist would just be too big on me. Those darn hips and thighs always get in the way! But the pattern and feel of these jeans are perfect. 
Outfit one of Look One is the Chaser hoodie paired with the Kut From The Kloth jeans. I chose a Steve Madden wedge sneaker I got this pair from Stitch Fix last year when I was working as a stylist. I think the linked ones are the same. I love them. They are cute and super comfy, but  I don't 100% recommend without saying -the white soles get so dirty and seem impossible to clean. But, they are crazy cute and pretty comfortable. I love the color of this top. It is so cute and perfect for the fall. I am sizing down on it due to its very relaxed fit. This is a medium, and I think a small would just be a little more flattering. I seem to find this to be true with a lot of Chaser tees.

For outfit two of Look One, Jill sent the ACDC Chaser Raglan. I had this one on my wish list and was stoked to try it. It is super cute and has just the pop of color I am looking to add to my closet. It also looks crazy cute with the camo pants in Look Two. Another great touch to this look would be to pair it with a jean jacket.

Look Two:

I paired this with my Keds Double Decker Sneakers. I got them from Stitch Fix, but I just spied them on sale at DSW. These would also be great with a retro-looking classic  New Balance like these. The burgundy would be perfect for fall. I LOVE these camo pants from Sanctuary. I have a pair very very similar from last fall, but I love the brighter white stripe and the zippered ankle. I feel like they are a better fall pair now that I am in a cooler climate. The drawstring ankle of my other pair pairs better with a sandal than a sneaker. Also the colors are a little different. Click here if you want to check out the first pair from last fall. Bonus: These are on sale for $40 off over at Evereve; so if you love them, hop on over there and grab a pair! The Evereve/ Trendsend customer service team is always so amazing. These were not on sale for such a good discount when my box was sent. I sent them an email, and they honored it. Okay.
Enough about my love of the camo pants: So, outfit one of Look 2 is the Sol Angeles tee with the pants. Super cute. Love the v neck. This is always a flattering fit on me. The fit is perfect. It would be super cute layered with this Kut From The Kloth jacket for fall. The Amelia jacket is seriously my favorite. I have it in two different washes.

Outfit two of Look 2 is the Peyton Jensen Reggie Pullover with the pants. I wasn't sure how I would like this top. It was the surprise hit of the box. I layered it with a black cami and paired it with one of my favorite necklaces from Evereve, the Marley Crescent necklace.  This necklace is so versatile. You can dress up your everyday tee and cardi or wear it as a dressier piece. I think this is my favorite look in the entire box. (what? crazy? camo in black and olive with a white top? ha!)
Look Three:

Let me start with these pants. They are amazingly soft and flattering. I LOVE the jogger style with the zippers. I'm only 5'4". That often makes finding ankle-length anything is challenging, especially in joggers; but these are perfect. Jill recommended I size down in these if they did not fit snugly. I am guessing they stretch. I have a couple of pairs of Level 99 pants that do stretch. I'm not keeping them simply because the black seems to pick up and show all the fuzz and lint. I have a lot of white hair. I'm afraid this would drive me nuts. They carry these pants in several colors, and I would not hesitate to choose them in another color. The black is just not right for me in this pair. The sweater was on my wishlist, and I love it. It is sized down to a small. I feel like on a bustier girl, those looser fitting tops just tent out too much. Jill has been really great about paying attention to those styles that run pretty loose for me. 
What would you choose?

Think Jill did a great job and want to give Trendsend a try? Click here for a referral link. If you sign up to receive a box, we will both get a 20% off coupon!  If you love what Jill has picked for me, and you want her to style you too, ask for Jill at the Denver store in your profile. Just want pieces I posted? Click on the links to the products, and it will take you there. Evereve is birthday sale through October 27; so it's a great time to check them out. (Peep out the sale section for some great buys!)


  1. I miss having you as My stylist! Also, I need a Henley Hoodie. I really love the Peyton Jensen Reggie Pullover and the Annie Multi Stripe sweater! Dont forget those cute brown shoes that you paired with it! The orange top looks so good on you! I love seeing you in pops of color. Miss you my sweet friend!

    1. I miss you, V! AND being your stylist! We clearly think the same bc I kept the orange hoodie, the sweater and the pullover. Also kept the camo pants. lol. I can't refuse camo.


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